Manifest Vision


People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.

— Steve Jobs, 1997


Within one week, the Manifest Discord has over 600 members, 100 boosts, 40 collective manifesters, and 3 collective projects. All of this, without even knowing what Manifest is.

Well, it’s time - Manifest is a decentralized streetwear collective using OHM economics of logarithmic supply growth, and exponential demand growth to be the leading metaverse clothing brand and real-world crypto streetwear company.

Manifest balances the spiritual and the physical by allowing you to show up in the real world, how you show up in the metaverse. Not only will you be able to equip our ERC1155 NFTs in the virtual worlds that support clothing, but you will also be able to claim our physical hoodies so you can be dripped out in the metaverse as well in real life.

The entirety of Manifest will be following a DAO-first governance approach. We value community, incentives, and protocol mechanisms to ensure the long-term success of Manifest.

Manifest provides incentives using MNFST, which can be staked for rebasing sMNFST, which rebases every 8 hours compounding at an APY of 333,333%. MNFST is also used to provide liquidity to MNFST/NFT pools where if you stake your NFT, you can earn MNFST on each buy/sell to the pool. MNFST is used to mint new clothing NFTs allowing us to sustainably grow our supply of clothing and maintain its rarity, based on the supply of MNFST.

There are two main protocol mechanisms - APY percentage and MNFST required to mint one of our NFTs. The APY can be raised or lowered depending on our runway of treasury assets, and MNFST required to mint can be changed based on how much supply/demand there is for a certain collection, to ensure all of our clothing remains perpetually highly valued and sought after.

Manifest will have a marketplace of various MNFST/NFT pools spanning our vast collections with each item having its own pool, therefore meaning you will always have an open market to buy/sell/stake your NFT for MNFST. This adds vast utility for MNFST, you need it to seed liquidity for all our NFT pools, for all of the liquidity pools, for staking and rebasing, for minting new NFTs, and utility will continue to be added as we progress in our development.

The Vortex

The team has been acquiring talent across all spectrums: development, artists, and 3D modeling, we want to focus on having a top-notch development team to help us build out this marketplace and front-end, all physical hoodies will have QR codes that can be scanned to verify authenticity on-chain, derived from the transaction hash of the mint.

This scanning would open up a Manifest front-end showing all previous owners, and verifying authenticity and ownership, to sell the physical hoodie you would have to sell the associated NFT to prove authenticity and ownership.

We’ve been focusing on hiring artists and designers that align with our vision to create intuitive, sleek products that are easy to use without complications. We’ll have our in-house Manifest seasonal drops. On top of that, we’ll also be doing plenty of collabs and allowing other protocols to offer to launch their collections on Manifest.

To launch on Manifest, they would have a designer assigned to them to work with their designers to bring their vision to reality, they would have manufacturing and distribution handled through Manifest and just take home a percentage of MNFST negotiated by the Collective.

Manifest Community

By aligning incentives, financially, spiritually, socially, and intellectually, people will naturally WANT to spend time hanging out with us. We’ve already had over 600 people join and have active conversations every day in our Discord without even announcing a project or what we were even working on.

We’ve tested our experiment, and our hypothesis was correct. The best way to build a community is through 1-on-1 conversations with deep empathy. We’ve gotten tons of DMs of support and tons of great messages for what Manifest is already doing for them, and how aligned they feel with our vision without even knowing what we’re building.

Building our Manifest flagship store in the Metaverse, we create an environment where you can casually hang out and explore with your friends, this gamification and experiencing our store together builds bonds and we’ve all known friends that we’ve met online.

Throwing Manifest parties we can create many synchronizations and connect the dots between many new people in real life. You can truly spend time with your online friends, or meet new ones, and what better place to make friends and new connections than a party!

Creating Manifest Academy we can educate and elevate our community, keeping them around for more than just rebases and streetwear, they can get educated following curated, gamified learning resources from Manifesters to learn any skill and any topic, without any of the filler and getting you up to speed with only what you need to know.

We created a blank canvas of community and told people “Hey, you guys decide what you want to work on and we’ll just support you in making it happen.” We’ve seen three projects come out of that. A policy team formed, a translation team (over 6 languages!) and Manifest Academy evolved from resource curation to gamified learning.

Manifest Incentives

The NFT sale is the MNFST sale. We’ve always thought simplicity is the truth and we’ve proved it again through our actions. Manifest’s sale of MNFST will be done through our Genesis Hoodie NFTs.

In total, there are 999 NFTs with 333 NFTs of each of the 3 hoodie designs. Only 666 will be available for public sale, 222 of each of the three designs.

The team will retain 90 out of 333 NFTs. Equivalent to 2970 MNFST out of 32967 outstanding MNFST supply.

The remaining 243 NFTs will be kept within our treasury to seed our Genesis Pools where you will be able to stake your NFTs to earn MNFST anytime a buy or sell is done within the pool.

The associated 8019 MNFST will remain in the treasury staked earning rebases and used to own our liquidity on Sushiswap.

Buying one of these NFTs for 0.333 ETH automatically stakes 33 sMNFST for you. If you mint three NFTs, you will automatically have 99 sMNFST staked. Each NFT adds 33 sMNFST to your account.

The best game-theoretic strategy is tit-for-tat with cooperation first. We ensure from genesis that 100% of MNFST are staked programmatically and incentivized to stay staked (you have to pay gas fees to unstake!)

We own all our protocol liquidity, we will own our entire MNFST-OHM LP pool from the very beginning, all fees turn into a revenue source for the Manifest treasury.

OHM is the decentralized reserve currency used by Manifest. We bring Zeus’s original vision to life by backing our entire treasury by OHM; it requires 0.001 OHM/sOHM to mint 1 MNFST. Manifest will launch with three bonds which are WETH, OHM, and MNFST-OHM LP.

By being powered by OHM, we use one of the best incentive structures and get exposure to the best parts of DeFi while having our entire treasury (3,3) earning rebases and growing not only in MNFST, but also in OHM.

All of our websites will display “Powered by OHM” at the bottom of the page. We truly believe Olympus is the best decentralized bank, and we’re the first real-world business to open an account. We look forward to being one of the largest OHM holders.

Manifest Mechanisms

Our initial policy for genesis stands as the chart below.

Once we reach 333,333 MNFST supply, our APY reduction will go into effect in approximately 120 days around the launch our 2022 Season 1 Spring collection

By launching only 33,000 MNFST, we fulfill our needs of raising enough capital to fund our development and keep building, we raise enough to seed our LP, and we raise enough to seed our MNFST/LP pools.

By Season 1, when Manifest will have greater demand and more than 999 NFTs being released, the Collective can use our second protocol mechanism to set how much MNFST is required to mint one of the NFTs.

If our demand is high, we can raise the amount of MNFST required to mint, therefore regulating supply and demand. Drops can be time-limited, meaning unlimited NFTs can be sold within a certain period of time. Or, drops can be limited, meaning there’s a set supply of outstanding NFTs that can be minted. All of these factors go into consideration when deciding how much MNFST to charge for each NFT.

Manifest in the Real-World

Manifest will use the mimetic value from having a successful protocol to get into rooms with artists, designers, rappers, and streetwear veterans to do collaborations often. We believe we can perpetually build hype by doing crazier and crazier collabs, sparking a flywheel effect of growth in the treasury and the value of MNFST.

We’ll use our real-world LLC to sign manufacturing contracts and meet all the requirements to create our physical hoodies and merch for other protocols that want to ship on Manifest. We’ll set up our own distribution and ensure everyone gets their Manifest hoodies when claiming is released.

Manifest turns everyone into a business, a franchise, a cooperating component of the Becoming of Manifest’s Vision. By allowing you to rebase MNFST, you can use the MNFST to sell back to the liquidity pool, claim NFTs to flip on Opensea/Rarible, or stake the NFTs in our pool, and you can also claim the physical clothing to sell in real life.

Manifest Checkout & Shipping

Our NFTs are ERC1155 meaning they can be batch transferred, we want to ideally create a similar shopping experience to carts, you will be able to add multiple articles of clothing from different pools and collections into one checkout cart, fill out your sizing guidelines, and address, and have everything shipped to you at once.

We’re nearing genesis, Our Discord has plenty of information for those aligned enough to manifest it. Everything in Perfect Timing. Here’s an example of Perfect Timing, if you are reading this you are energetically aligned with Manifest, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Manifest Genesis NFTs

Our three Season 0 Genesis Hoodies, in Perfect Timing for the Fall/Winter 2021 Hoodie Season.


The visionary, you’re someone that wants to walk into a room and raise a hundred million in five minutes flat, you’ve never been the type of person to fit in and why would you? You’re infinitely abundant in your being, a vortex of attraction, magnetism unparalleled, everything you desire instantly manifests into your reality. You believe in people. You believe in storytelling. You believe that empathy is the greatest advantage you possess. And, you’re right.



The creator, you’re an artist that recognizes living in flow is the highest path to walk in life. Every art piece you create, whether it’s a painting or song, is filled with emotion and passion and perfectly flows effortlessly through your hands, mouth, and senses. It’s through this creation, this birth of manifestation from source you truly feel alive. You create for yourself, you create for something higher than yourself, your work resonates deeply with the collective. And, so it is.



The builder, you prefer a solid workstation and divine inspiration, you’re Edison with a lightbulb. You’re Dyson with a vacuum. You’re a creator in your own way, you bring about revolutions and evolution for the human race. You may be a tinkerer for yourself first and foremost, but the universe always has bigger plans in store for you. Your inventions, your creations, will leave a mark on human history. You want to create something that stands long after you pass. And, you will.


With Love,

The Vortex




Manifest makes luxury good for streetwear communities. We have three verticals. Developer tooling, in-house Manifest brand, and Manifest as a Service (MaaS)

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Manifest makes luxury good for streetwear communities. We have three verticals. Developer tooling, in-house Manifest brand, and Manifest as a Service (MaaS)

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